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Not everyone has the same needs. This is why Bee Cool has over 18 different sun control products to choose from. Our trained professionals will discuss with you your needs and find the right products to best accomodate your situation.

Ultraviolet Light

Bee Cool Sun Control Glass Coatings work by stopping 99% of Ultraviolet Rays which may cause skin cancer and other health concerns. Even just sitting in your living room with the sun shining in can potentially affect your health in a negative way. With 99% UV protection, you, your family, employees, pets, furniture, etc, are protected while maintaining healthy, natural light from the sun.

Electromagnetic Spectrum - Ultraviolet Light

Visible Light

We all enjoy it but at times it can be overpowering. With Bee Cool Glass Coatings, we are able to target specific wavelengths of the sun's visible spectrum to reduce glare.

With many products to choose from, we can reduce glare anywhere from 23% to 90%. Our coatings target varying amounts of these wavelengths to match your specific needs while still maintaining large amounts of natural light.

Electromagnetic Spectrum - Visible Light

Infrared Light

Infrared wavelengths are what we commonly recognize as heat. Our glass coatings and window films reflect these wavelengths, keeping your home or office cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Do you have air conditioning? You can save up to 1 ton of air conditioning for every 100 sq/ft of glass per year. Reduce energy, maintenance and equipment costs while also reducing your carbon footprint.

Electromagnetic Spectrum - Infrared Light