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Glass Security Film & Safety Coatings, Window Tint St. Albert

Commercial, Business, Storefront or Residential Home

Home and business window glass security in St Albert is of the utmost importance. Window glass security is one of the weakest points of any Residential home or commercial building. Bee Cool glass coating St Albert security and safety film laminates offer a fantastic solution to window security. Security film and Laminates come clear so there is little to no change when looking out your window. Bee Cool St Albert can also add a layer of window tint to your security film so you get the added benefit of window privacy.

Being a retrofit product, Bee Cool Glass Coating's Bee Safe glass laminate and window tint can be applied to the glass or glazing after manufacture or installation, and can be found in homes, businesses, airports, buses, trains, food manufacturing facilities. As well as: jails, police stations, retail stores such as Costco, Canadian Tire, lowes, victoria secret, and many more businesses. Bee Cool glass coating provides the best in Clear View glass window defence against glass break-and-enter crime and glass-break safety.

Mobile Clear Glass Security & Safety Glass Coatings

Professional on-site glass security & safety coatings, laminates and film display demonstrations will help you choose the right glass security or bomb-blast laminate for the building and glass environment you are working with. Bee Cool's mobile glass coating & laminating trucks are equipped with everything needed to professionally assess your site. Provide you with sample window glass security film products and complete the installation quickly and efficiently, often on the first visit.

St. Albert home & commercial building with large windows that benefit from window glass security tint laminate.

Window Glass Security and Safety Laminates for Home Office Building Apartment and condominiums

It's Bee Cool Glass Coating's goal to ensure the time you spend making the correct decision and selecting the best security laminate product to meet the needs of your home, office, building, apartment & condominium glass challenges is well spent.

Bee Cool Glass Coating's security & safety glass coatings have been extensively tested to resist significant break and enter challenges. You may review the bomb-blast specifications on the page links below.

Be safe and secure with the installation of Bee Cool Glass Coating's Clear Defense Security glass coatings.

Bee Cool Glass Coating's Safety and Security window films are installed on thousands of windows each year. Residential customers often have basement and main floor windows that need a security upgrade. Window bars would be a great solution however they block your view, get in the way of window blinds, make it hard for homeowners to clean their windows and don't typically look that appealing.

Commercial businesses have endless uses for security window tints and window films. While businesses may want to add security to their windows, most property owners/landlords will not let renters install window bars & security film is a great alternative. Other businesses may operate a food manufacturing facility or daycare. Any glass that breaks could contaminate the food or injure a child. To reduce any chance of this happening window safety film is installed.

Once installed, if a coated sheet of glass is broken the safety and security film holds the glass together like a sheet of plywood, it can then be cleanly removed from the building and replaced. Stores with showcases displaying jewelry, antiques, sunglasses, pawn shops and more will also use these glass security laminates to increase the security of the show case. Smash and grab crime is common store owners will have Bee Cool glass coatings install security film to protect their inventory that is located in the show cases.

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St. Albert Bee Safe Window Security Safety coating tint film for glass protection

Broken glass can create a significant safety issue in business, restaurants, offices and homes. Often when glass is smashed, small shards are scattered throughout the window area. These small pieces of glass are difficult and dangerous to clean up. Bee Cool Glass Coating's Safety and Security Glass Coatings bond to the glass, helping to keep it from scattering throughout your restaurant, office, school, home, living and working area. Security glass coating laminate provides a barrier between broken glass and contact with any passers by, while removing a potential intruder's ability to gain quick and easy access through the window thus decreasing the effects of break and enters.

Bee Cool Glass Security & Safety Coatings

Video Transcript of Window Glass Security Film in Action

Bee Cool Glass Coating video demonstration of Bee Safe Security Window Film laminate coating. Installer describing how the Bee Safe Security window glass film, coating, laminate is applied to the a window and how the laminate coating works to defend the window from break and enters, projectiles or explosions once it is applied. Bee Cool Glass Coating's installer demonstrates how striking the window with various implements like sticks, bats, hammers, machetes etc serve only to crack the glass window pane but not punch through. Repeated strikes, more than fifty times, with the various tools do not punch through the glass laminate Bee Safe Security window film coating. Showing the high deterence of the Bee Safe Security Window Film against break and enters. A criminal is more likely to give up and leave because of the amount of time it takes to get through the coating, film, laminate and into the home, office, commercial building, cottage or other building type through a window.

Bee Safe Safety & Security Window Films

Bee Cool Glass Coating's Bee Safe Safety and Security Window Films are a great option for glass security. They can be applied for security applications, similar to window bars, where stopping or delaying of forced entry is desired. Security window films are a polyester, or PET film that is applied to glass and glazing in order to hold them together if the glass is broken. They are clear and allow and unobstructed view out your window. Being a retrofit product, Bee Safe coatings can be applied to the glass or glazing after manufacture or installation, and can be found in commercial buildings, prisons, office buildings, food service areas, homes, airports, buses, trains and many other transit systems. Bee Cool Glass Coating's Bee Safe Security Laminates provide a clear defense from break and enter attacks and potential injury from exposed broken glass and can also protect areas from glass shards a hazard in food prep areas.

Security Glass Laminate and Films for Showcases Displays

St. Albert interior photo of showroom with glass security laminate.

Glass in showcase displays and counters gets scratched easily. Over time clients will find it hard to look threw the glass at your products on display. Replacing the glass is costly and takes time for install. By having a window security film coating installed on the top of the glass as a sacrificial layer, you protect the glass. After time the protective glass coating will get scratched. Bee Cool Glass Coating technicians can come out and replace the glass laminate. Business owners enjoy this cost effective solution that has no window tint to the security film leaving a clear view of displayed items

Security Glass Tints and Films are an Alternative to Window Bars

St. Albert interior photo of window security bars installed on front store windows.

Window bars are not usually appealing and make it hard to wash windows. Bee Cool Glass Coating's Bee Safe window security laminate glass coatings are a great alternative and can be removed without causing any damage, unlike window bars that leave screw holes and scraped paint. They are also applied in food processing facilities where window glass needs to be contained should it fracture. Bee Safe coatings are approved and applied in many food and beverage processors throughout North America.

Industry Standard Security

Bee Cool Glass Coating's Bee Safe Security Window Films are designed to perform under adverse conditions. As such, standards and standard tests have been devised to ensure that these films will perform in such a situation.

  • Small Missile Impact Test - ANSI Z-97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR 1201
  • Large Missile Impact & Cyclic Wind Pressure Tests - ASTM E 1886-02/ASTM E 1996-03, Level C, 4.5 lb 2" x 4"
  • GSA Explosive Test - GSA-TS01-2003
  • Flame Spread and Smoke Developed Test - ASTM E-84

Ideal for Residential Applications

Ideal for Commercial Applications

St. Albert Bee Safe 14

Bee Safe 14 St Albert

  • 0.014" Film Thickness
  • 468 lbs/inch Break Strength
  • 25% Total Solar Energy Rejected
St. Albert Bee Safe 11

Bee Safe 11 St Albert

  • 0.011" Film Thickness
  • 370 lbs/inch Break Strength
  • 22% Total Solar Energy Rejected


St. Albert Bee Safe 8

Bee Safe 8 St Albert

  • 0.008" Film Thickness
  • 269 lbs/inch Break Strength
  • 19% Total Solar Energy Rejected
St. Albert Bee Safe 7

Bee Safe 7 St Albert

  • 0.007" Film Thickness
  • 216 lbs/inch Break Strength
  • 20% Total Solar Energy Rejected

St. Albert Bee Safe 8.5m 50

Bee Safe 8.5m 50
St Albert

  • 0.0085" Film Thickness
  • 265 lbs/inch Break Strength
  • 50% Total Solar Energy Rejected
St. Albert Bee Safe 8.5m 35

Bee Safe 8.5m 35
St Albert

  • 0.0085" Film Thickness
  • 265 lbs/inch Break Strength
  • 60% Total Solar Energy Rejected

St. Albert Bee Safe 8.5m 25

Bee Safe 8.5m 25
St Albert

  • 0.0085" Film Thickness
  • 265 lbs/inch Break Strength
  • 67% Total Solar Energy Rejected


St. Albert Bee Safe Platinum 20 / 8.5M

Bee Safe 8.5m Platinum 20 St Albert

  • 0.008" Film Thickness
  • 265 lbs/inch Break Strength
  • 79% Total Solar Energy Rejected


St. Albert Bee Safe Blast Film

Bee Safe Blast Film St Albert

  • 0.007" Film Thickness
  • 216 lbs/inch Break Strength
  • 20% Total Solar Energy Rejected

Commonly Asked Questions About Glass Security Film:

1. Will security film increase the strength of my glass?

Yes and No. While technically it will increase the tensile strength of your glass it will not make it harder to break if using a smashing motion. It will hold the broken glass together like a very strong sheet of plywood. Making it extremely hard to penetrate. Please watch the video to see how amazing Bee Safe window security film is.

2. How to stop glass from breaking?

This is a tricky question. Adding security film with or without a window tint will help provide safety and security to your home or business. Glass is very strong. Infact its stronger than steel in several cases but weaker in others. Glass is strongest when compressing and stretching it. Its weak point is being impacted, especially on the edge of the glass. In order to make glass stronger to impact you can heat treat it or temper the glass. This will add surface impact strength. Tempering the glass changes the characteristics of how the glass breaks. Because of this change, please inform our glass coating consultant that you have tempered glass. We will need to add an impact adhesive to the window security film. This impact adhesive bonds the glass, window frame and security glass coating together. Dont know if you have tempered glass. Its ok, our window security film installers can check your glass for you.

3. Is glass security film bulletproof?

NO. But some will say that depends on what size of gun your using, thickness of security film and the type/thickness of glass. If you watch youtube there are several videos of people shooting glass with security film on it. All these videos show varying results. In our tests it did work well against a 9mm and a shotgun at a distance. We don't recommend using glass and security film to make a bullet resistant window. However if you do have security film on your windows. Yes you will get the benefit of slowing the bullet down more than if there was no window security film. For windows or glass that are truly bullet proof you must purchase bullet proof windows that are professionally rated and have been tested to industry specific requirements.

4. Does window security film block UV rays and reduce fading?

Yes it does. All Bee Cool security window film and window tints block 99% of UV Rays to reduce fading of flooring, cabinets, furniture, blinds, store displays and inventory.

5. Can I install glass security laminate myself?

You can do anything yourself. That does not mean its a good idea. Most people are professionals is there industry. You would not ask a professional boxer to do your accounting or the accountant to fight in a professional boxing match. That being said we know there are people that want to do it themselves. If you would like a DYI window security film kit please give us a call and we will help you upgrade your window security with professional window film security and window tint products.

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