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Bee Cool Glass Coating Cochrane - Bird Safety Film Laminate

For Cochrane Home, Office or Commercial Glass Surfaces

Cochrane Residential window with bird saftey film installed on it.

Bee Cool Glass Coatings Cochrane - Frost Dot Bird Safety Film Laminate:

is a durable, UV stabilized, optically clear polyester film, with a ¼” gray frost dot pattern separated by 2” clear spacing that deters birds from flying into reflective glass. Bee Cool Glass Coatings Cochrane Frost Dot Bird Safety Film is a specially designed pattern that breaks reflections on the glass allowing birds to see that there is an obstruction ahead of them, yet not creating a distracted interior view.

Made with 4mil heavy-duty polyester bonded by strong adhesives, this safety film provides a clear yet powerful barrier that helps hold glass in place in the event of an impact or earthquake. It is recommended for application to exterior glass and all acrylic and polycarbonate sheeting and is ideal for decorative or architectural applications.

Bee Cool Glass Coatings Cochrane mobile onsite window film and window laminate technicians provide residential or commercial businesses with products that are installed by professional teams to ensure a premium installation in accordance with manufacturer's installation instructions.

Bee Cool Glass Coatings Cochrane professional onsite samples of glass laminates, films, and window tint selections can help you choose the right glass coating, window tint or film for your residential home, condominium, apartment, office or commercial building. Bee Cool's Cochrane mobile glass laminate installation consultants & technicians are equipped with everything needed to professionally assess your home or business and complete the installation quickly and efficiently, often on the first visit.

It's Bee Cool Glass Coating Cochrane's goal to ensure you have the correct information to make the best decision in selecting the most appropriate glass coating, laminate, window tint or film to meet the needs of your home, office, building, apartment & condominium glass surfaces.

Product Code SX-BSFD
Product Family Exterior
Film Type Polyester
Adhesive Type Pressure-sensitive
Usage Exterior
Available Width(s) 60", 72"
Full Roll Length 95 Linear Feet
Thickness 4mil
Shading Coefficient .93
Visible Light Reflectance 10%
Visible Light Transmission 89%
UV Transmission less than 1%
Solar Heat Reflectance 8%
Solar Heat Transmission 78%
Solar Heat Absorbance 14%
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