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Bee Cool 7 Glass Coating, Window Tint Cochrane


After Bee Cool 7 Night View Glass Coating, Window Tint Cochrane

Bee Cool 7 Night View Glass Coating, Window Tint Cochrane

Night View Glass Coating, Window Tint Cochrane

Bee Cool DR 7 is the darkest of all our glass coatings. It is quite often used to create a one-way mirror or limit light coming into bedrooms, media rooms, food manufacturing facilities and many other applications where a heavy window tint is required. With Bee Cool's Cochrane night view technology, there is very little interior reflectivity day or night, leaving a crisp, clear view. The exterior of your Cochrane home or business glass window or door will have a black chrome look, giving privacy and adding class to your glass. With a total solar energy rejection of 84% and total glare reduction of 94%, you are sure to be impressed.

  • Blocks 84% of the sun's total energy, keeping your Cochrane home or office building significantly more comfortable.
  • Blocks 99% of the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays, keeping upholstery, carpet and window treatments looking new for longer.
  • Capable of creating a one-way mirror.
  • Significant glare reduction.
  • Superior scratch resistant coating.
  • Pleasing, neutral appearance with a warm, natural hue, inviting warmth and beauty into any room.
  • Low interior reflectivity.
  • Great solar performance, ideal for areas with excessive heat.
  • Increases personal safety by minimizing flying glass in the event of breakage.
Bee Cool 7 Night View Glass Coating, Window Tint Cochrane Specifications
UV Rejected 99%
Glare Reduction 94%
Winter Heat Loss Reduction 18%
Total Solar Energy Rejected 84%
Visible Light Transmittance 7%
Total Solar Transmittance 6%
Total Solar Reflectance 53%
Total Solar Absorbance 41%
Interior Visible Light Reflectance 14%
Exterior Visible Light Reflectance 60%
Winter U-Value 0.91
Shading Coefficient 0.18
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient 0.16
Note: all data values above are representative and are provided for comparison purposes only.