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By having an after market sun control glass coating, window tint, installed on your Chestermere home or business, you can decrease heating and cooling costs, reduce fading of furniture, flooring, pictures, paintings, etc, and reduce glare on tvs and computer monitors. What you end up with is a comfortable living and working environment year round, windows you can enjoy and rooms that are inviting.

Chestermere window reflecting the suns heat, ultraviolet light and solar energy.


Some Chestermere rooms get too hot from the sun shining in through the windows. These same windows can make a room cold in the winter. Glass coating window tints are designed to address both of these situations by reflecting excessive amounts of heat from the sun back outside, while at the same time reflecting heat from your furnace back inside. Rooms become comfortable year round, heating and cooling costs are reduced, temperatures from room to room in a building are easier to balance and there is less stress and maintenance on your heating and cooling system. Due to their ability to help save energy these coatings are recognized and encouraged as an energy efficient retrofit.

Chestermere couch showing how the sun can fade material while sun control window coating protects.

Chestermere Fading

UV rays are the largest cause of fading. High quality glass coatings block 99% of ultraviolet (UV) rays. This means a dramatic decrease in faded furniture, flooring, pictures, paintings, etc, not to mention mitigating the harmful effects UV rays can have on building occupants.

Chestermere windows with privacy window glass coating installed prevent others from seeing in your home.

Chestermere Privacy

Windows can make a room inviting and full of life but allow outsiders to see in. This is fine for storefronts with window displays, but having the contents of your Chestermere home or business on display for everyone to see might not be the best idea. These new after market coatings address both situations. Clear coatings for store front windows with product displays and clear one-way privacy films for Chestermere home and business that need a clear view of exterior landscapes and privacy from people outside looking in, commonly known as a one way mirror.

Chestermere monitor showing the difference on a screen of having glare reduction and no glare reduction film.

Chestermere Glare

Enjoy natural sunlight in comfort. Whether you're watching tv, sitting down for supper or working in your Chestermere office, glare from the sun can make that event uncomfortably bright. By targeting and blocking specific wavelengths of the sun's energy, these new coatings can reduce glare 23 - 83% percent depending upon your needs.

Chestermere window showing privacy film verses no privacy film.


Open your Chestermere blinds and let the sun shine through! With after market glass coatings you can now leave your blinds open allowing the sunlight to come in without causing discomfort.

Chestermere dollar sign graphic image.


How much do these coatings cost? Great news, most of them will pay for themselves within 5 - 7 years and last about 20 years before needing to be replaced. This means they pay for themselves and you get to save money on heating and cooling bills for many years to come. So what's the catch? This sounds a little too good to be true. Well here it is: they should be installed by a professional. There is a lot that goes into the installation of these glass coatings so that no one has a clue that there is anything on the glass. When installed correctly the only noticeable difference should be how comfortable you home or office is compared to before.