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Bee Cool Dusted Crystal Decorative Window Coating Chestermere


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Dusted Crystal Decorative Film Chestermere

Decorative Glass Coating Chestermere

Bee Cool Glass Coating Chestermere Dusted Crystal window tint can be used for privacy or to create a decorative look in a Chestermere business environment or at home. It possesses a frosted look while still letting large amounts of light through. It can be cut to create custom solutions to fit almost any graphical need or idea you may have. It can also be easily removed and updated.

  • A great alternative to expensive etched glass.
  • Product can be custom cut to create corporate imagery or decorative patterns.
  • Provides privacy in residential and commercial settings.
  • Can be easily removed and updated.
  • Blocks over 99% of the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays, keeping upholstery, carpet and window treatments looking new for longer.
  • Build your Chestermere corporate image while maintaining privacy.

Photo Examples

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