Wood Blinds

Wood Blinds

Rich and inviting North American hardwood

Bee Cool Wood Blinds are hand-selected from the finest North American hardwood to turn every home into a beautiful masterpiece. In addition to our rich palette of stains and paints, we offer an Elite Wood Program that includes Authentic Hardwood (Walnut, Cherry and Maple), Beaded Edge Slat option, Unique Finishes (Glazed, Distressed, Barnwood, Ash Wood and Bamboo) and custom colour for one-of-a-kind creations.

New Decorative Wood Tassels

Carved, stained or painted; Antique Brass coordinates with medium and dark stains and paints; Ovate, wood tassels, painted or stained; Flaired, wood tassels, painted or stained.

Decorative Cloth Tape Option

Colours, weaves and textures accent and soften the blinds while increasing privacy by covering rout holes. Custom material option available.

Specialty Shapes

Bee Cool is the only brand on the market to offer a complete custom-fitting program. Operable specialty shapes make it easy to add functional wood blinds to any window.

Authentic Hardwoods

Walnut, Cherry and Maple

Glazed Finish

Hand-rubbed glaze collects in the grooves of the beaded slat adding a warm, rich beauty to the appearance of the blinds.

Unique Finishes

Distressed - Rustic, less conventional look; Ashwood - Defined grain adds elegance; Barnwood - Natural weathered appearance; Bamboo - Eco friendly and versatile.

Over 80 colours and styles

With over 80 colours, textures and patterns, Bee Cool Wood Blinds can blend seamlessly into almost any room or decor.

Click here to download the Wood Blinds colour cards, or Contact your Bee Cool representative at 780-448-6044 to view our complete catalog of colours and styles.