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Bee Safe Platinum 20 Safety & Security Glass Coatings Stony Plain


After Bee Safe Platinum 20 Security Film Stony Plain

Bee Safe Platinum 20 Security Film Stony Plain

Safety & Security Glass Coating Stony Plain

Bee Cool Glass Coating Stony Plain's Bee Safe Platinum 20 is a reflective safety and security glass coating, window tint, which provides excellent heat rejection and a mirrored look from the outside. This product is fantastic for large Stony Plain buildings looking to dramatically reduce HVAC costs and increase security. Also used when air conditioning cannot sufficiently balance the temperature of a building, virtually eliminating hot and cold spots.

Bee Cool Glass Coating Stony Plain's Bee Safe Glass films are virtually clear and incredibly strong. They are designed to withstand hurricane force winds, explosive pressure, vandalism, large and small high velocity debris. Bee Cool Glass Coating Stony Plain's films provide the maximum amounts of physical protection, optical clarity and aesthetic value. By also stopping 99% of harmful UV rays, they help ensure that your merchandise and property continue to look new for longer.

  • Designed for safety, security and blast appplications.
  • Advanced adhesion formulation holds broken glass together.
  • Totally transparent, superior optical clarity and glare reduction with excellent solar performance.
  • Blocks over 99% of the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays, keeping upholstery, carpet and window treatments looking new for longer.
  • Blocks 79% of the sun's total energy, keeping your home or office significantly more comfortable.
  • Durable scratch-resistant coating.
  • Increases personal safety by minimizing flying glass in the event of breakage.
Bee Safe Platinum 20 Security Film Stony Plain

Broken glass can create a significant safety issue. Often when glass is smashed, small shards are scattered throughout the area. These small pieces of glass are difficult and dangerous to clean up. Bee Cool Glass Coating Stony Plain's Safety and Security Glass laminates bond to the glass, helping to keep it from scattering throughout your Stony Plain building, providing a barrier between broken glass and contact with any passers by, while removing a potential intruder's ability to gain quick and easy access.

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  • Bee Cool Glass Coating Stony Plain's Safety & Security Glass films have been evaluated according to the following test methods and standards:
    • Small Missile Impact Test - ANSI Z-97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR 1201
    • Large Missile Impact & Cyclic Wind Pressure Tests - ASTM E 1886-02 / ASTM E 1996-03, Level C, 4.5 lb 2" x 4"
    • GSA Explosive Test - GSA-TS01-2003
    • Flame Spread and Smoke Developed Test - ASTM E-84
Bee Safe Platinum 20 Security Film Stony Plain Specifications
UV Rejected 99%
Glare Reduction 84%
Winter Heat Loss Reduction 15%
Total Solar Energy Rejected 79%
Visible Light Transmittance 15%
Total Solar Transmittance 12%
Total Solar Reflectance 55%
Total Solar Absorbance 33%
Interior Visible Light Reflectance 58%
Exterior Visible Light Reflectance 60%
Winter U-Value 0.94
Shading Coefficient 0.24
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient 0.21

Physical Properties
Film Thickness 0.008"
Single or Multi-Ply Multi
Tensile Strength 30,400 psi
Break Strength 265 lbs/inch
Elongation at Break > 100%
Peel Strength 2750 g/inch
Puncture Strength 173 lbs
Note: all data values above are representative and are provided for comparison purposes only.