Solar Shades & Blinds

Solar Shades & Blinds

Preserve your view & enjoy cool comfort

Bee Cool Solar Shades are an ideal choice for anyone wishing to maintain an exterior view while keeping heat out and coolness within. While maintaining your comfort, Solar Shades also block UV rays, protecting interiors from damage and minimizing TV and computer screen glare. Choose higher openness fabrics (7% - 14%) for a better view to the outside, or lower openness fabrics (1% - 5%) for better UV blockage.

More style, perfect utility for sunny places

Bee Cool Solar Shades offer more ways than ever to control the sun's rays while adding style. The program has a deeper style collection with trend-right colours for a wide range of decorating options.

New Features

Five new styles - New fabrics and infusions of colour - More multicoloured textures - More fabrics in 3% and 5% openness in response to consumer preferences - Wider widths to fit today's larger windows

Openness Levels for Every Preference

Shades with lower openness (1% - 5%) are becoming increasingly popular with consumers; they increase UV blockage and privacy. A higher openness factor (7% - 14%) offers a better view to the outside but less privacy, especially for lighted interiors at night. To increase privacy with solar shades with a high openness, add a secondary treatment.

Reduce Glare

Bee Cool Solar Shades maintain a view to the outside while keeping interior termperatures cool and comfortable. They also minimize glare on TV screens and computer monitors, and block UV rays to protect furnishings, carpets and artwork from fading. And now they do it with more style than ever before.

Hundreds of colours and styles

With over 200 colours, textures and patterns, Bee Cool Solar Shades can blend seamlessly into almost any room or decor.

Click here to download the Solar Shades colour cards, or Contact your Bee Cool representative at 780-448-6044 to view our complete catalog of colours and styles.