Roller Shades & Blinds

Roller Shades & Blinds

Practicality meets superior style

Bee Cool Roller Shades are easy to operate, affordable and available in a broad selection of colours and fabrics, including jacquards, stripes and woven textures. Customize light and privacy levels by choosing from sheer, light-filtering, room-darkening and blackout fabrics. Add high-style options such as bead trim and tassels to further customize your Roller Shades and enhance your decor.

A Classic Refreshed for Today

The easy practicality and style versatility of Bee Cool Roller Shades make them the right choice for many interiors. Easy-to-operate roller shades showcase the beauty of the fabric for maximum design impact. The assortment has been expanded by 60% to keep this product as fresh and relevant as it has always been.

New Features

13 new styles - 18 more blackout fabrics - New prints and patterns - More textures and multi-tone fabrics - New grey colours in response to current trends.

Opacity Levels for Every Need

Light control levels can be customized by fabric choice, for versatility in function as well as style. Blackout fabrics, which block light from entering the room, have become an increasingly popular choice for bedrooms and media rooms.

Flexible Light Control for Every Time of Day

The expanded number of Solar and Roller fabric collections creates even more opportunities to combine patterns, solids, colours and textures when designing Bee Cool Shades.

These innovative window treatments allow for superior light control and privacy levels. Two different fabrics from our solar and/or roller collections are seamlessly integrated on one window, with each shade operating independently.

For the greatest versatility, pair either a solar or shee roller fabric with a second, room-darkening or blackout roller shade fabric that will provide interior privacy.

Sliding Panels: More Fabrics, More Colours for Wide Windows

With the expansion of the Bee Cool Roller and Solar programs, sliding panels also offer more design versatility than ever before. Bee Cool Sliding panels bring unexpected style to wide windows and patio doors. Available in fabrics that coordinate with Bee Cool Solar and Roller collections, sliding panels bring visual harmony to any room that includes both standard and wide windows. They also make eye-catching and functional room dividers and closet doors.

Meeting the Needs of Commercial Environments

Solar Shades are ideal for offices and public spaces because they control heat gain and moderate interior termperatures, increasing interior comfort and lowering energy costs. Glare on computer monitors is minimized, enhancing productivity, and UV blockage prevents damage to interiors.

All of these benefits are available while building occupants and guests enjoy an exterior view for a more pleasing interior environment.

Certifications Meet Building Specs

Bee Cool Solar Shades include options that meet the requirements of commercial specifiers. Many solar shade fabrics are Fire Retardancy (FR)-rated and also contribute to healthier indoor air quality. GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification indicates low-chemical and particle emitting fabrics. Microban antimicrobial protection on selected solar fabrics provides continuous protection against stain and odor-causing bacteria.

Over 100 colours and styles

With over 100 colours, textures and patterns, Bee Cool Roller Shades can blend seamlessly into almost any room or decor.

Click here to download the Roller Shades colour cards, or Contact your Bee Cool representative at 780-448-6044 to view our complete catalog of colours and styles.